Trista: Gluten Free Baker, Food & Professional Growth Blogger

Name: Trista Ainsworth

Age: 43

City: Beaverton, Oregon

Main Hustle: I am a baker that is part of the farm kitchen team at the cooperative worker-owned Our Table Farm in Sherwood, Oregon. We work together to create delicious, seasonal baked goods and foods for the farm store, as well as for workshops and events. I love working together with others to create amazing, organic, and local food!

Side Hustle: I have two side hustles. I have The Cheery Chef company, where I specialize in gluten free custom baked goods for my clients. I love to create special ice cream cakes, meringue cakes, pies, and more!

I also write weekly on my blog at The Cheery Chef about baking, as well as my journey in my life, business, and personal development. I talk about all of the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life and more. I am working toward creating courses and community around the idea of The Joyful Path, where I can help others create a joyful path in their lives.

How did you get started?: I always loved to cook and especially to bake. I think I started when I was around 6-7 years old when my mom gave me an old cookbook for kids that she had when she was a little girl. I was thrilled with it and started with making cinnamon toast as my first “recipe.”

When/where do you work on your Side Hustle?: I work around 2-3 days a week on my baking business and blog at home. I love to work at home; however it’s a perfect balance to also work with others on the farm because I love to be social and work on ideas with others.

What are the challenges of your Side Hustle?: The challenges are to schedule my time between my many different roles at home, at work, and with many other duties of life. I say that I have at least six roles on a daily basis: mom, wife, house manager, chef, blogger and administrator in my business. That is a lot of hats to wear, so it is so important to plan my time wisely and know when I have the energy to do certain things and when I don’t and plan accordingly.

What are the rewards of your Side Hustle?: I absolutely love sharing the joy of gluten free baking with others and creating truly special one-of-a-kind goodies for their celebrations. I also love sharing my journey with others with the hope of sparking joy in them and letting them know that they are special and that they too can do work that they love.

Who is your greatest supporter?: My husband for sure! He always is super happy with whatever work I choose to do or whatever venture I choose to pursue!

Who/what is your greatest source of inspiration?:

Nature is one of my greatest sources of inspiration. I grew up in the country where we had a big vegetable garden and an orchard. We harvested lots of wonderful produce throughout the seasons and really got the most out of what nature can offer. That inspires me to go with the seasons as well, not only with cooking but with my writing and creating.


What is your dream for your Side Hustle?: My dream for The Cheery Chef and The Joyful Path is to really reach as many women as possible and inspire them to follow their dreams. I have seen that it is possible to have the balance that you desire in life and I want to help others with that.

Do you have any advice for others working on a Side Hustle?:

I would say that it is most important to find time to work on your dreams every single week. Carve out at least an hour each week to work toward something. It will add up. Don’t give up and think that you can’t do it. We all have so much to give, so much genius, and so many gifts to share.

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