Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

About eight months ago, I turned twenty-nine years old. I celebrated in New Orleans with my husband and parents, drinking way too much frose (yes, I am lame) and overserving myself into my last year of my twenties.

Two days before I had launched an online platform for women in the hopes that it would serve as a means of empowerment, encouragement, and community, where women could promote their passions and support the passions of others. I had no idea what it would come to mean to me.

The idea was born quickly.Β It started off with a little sketch of a logo (a stickwoman holding a paintbrush and a briefcase) while I was sitting at my desk at work, a blog on WordPress, and gently (ha!) applied pressure on my friends and family to consider sharing their side hustles with me, as well as any strangers who might come across this site. In the last 233-ish days, I’ve been introduced to the diverse passions, hobbies, and side hustles of 109 women from 5 countries, 21 states, and 57 cities…with about 885 people following along on social media as of this morning (to the Irish exiters: I see you! Just kidding, come back.).

It is a lot of work. It is also the best work I’ve ever had the privilege of doing.

My two-year-old niece has a new saying when she wants you to pick her up. She says, “I want to hold you.” My heart melts onto the floor in a giant ocean of aunt love every time she says it. But it reminds me of what we’re doing every day on Side Hustle.

We’re holding each other, lifting each other up, carrying each other forward.

I hope to embolden this community further by providing more resources for you to communicate with each other, lean on each other, and support each other, and I will roll out the plans for what that will look like at the start of the new year. In the meantime I just wanted to thank you—for listening, for reading, for sharing, for engaging, and yes—even as much as I hate to admit it—for liking.

Each time I meet someone who shares her story on Side Hustle, I immediately feel empowered and inspired and less alone in my own pursuits of purpose and passion.Β So thank you for holding me, and for allowing me to hold you too.



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