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Lisa Jeffs has quite the long list of credentials and achievements following her name: BA, CYC, CYW, Usui Reiki Certified, and Life Coaching Certified. These acronyms create a winding trail through the dedication and hard work of her past leading right up to her well-deserved present, where she stands now as CEO and Founder of Lisa Jeffs Enterprise, a successful coaching program built to empower those who wish to pursue their dreams.

Lisa was first introduced to career coaching when her mother took her to a program for young adults, but it was what she didn’t learn there that changed the trajectory of her life.

“I realized after the program that there were serious issues with the methodology they used, which included ridiculous aptitude tests and not much else. This propelled me to create my own programs, which allow participants to discover their true purpose, rather than just a ‘well suited job.’

Lisa used the programs she created to lay the foundation of her own career coaching business. As she hit the ground running with her new company, Lisa discovered another form of coaching that played a big role in her personal and professional life.

“My first life coach was such a powerful part of my journey. I worked with her throughout the first year of my business, and she really helped me overcome a lot of anxieties and fears that I had around stepping into the spotlight.”

Now Lisa thrives in that spotlight, seeing private clients throughout the week, leading group programs and online communities, and creating content for her career and life coaching business. As her company continues to grow and evolve, she remains grounded by carrying her purpose tightly within her throughout the highs and lows.

Tough days are inevitable when you’re human. The first thing I do when facing a hard day is honor how I’m feeling. After that I go back to why I created this business in the first place, and I depersonalize my mission. I know every time I show up I impact someone, and that’s what it is all about for me.

Staying true to her mission and to herself is what has made Lisa Jeffs who she is today, and this commitment to authenticity compliments the type of clients she seeks as well.

“I serve people who appreciate real, unfiltered, sometimes raw communication. I’m definitely not for everyone, but the people who dig that style often reach out and tell me how much they appreciate it.

It’s simply too exhausting trying to filter my message. Been there, not going back.

But before she focuses outward on her clients, she always looks inward for the one thing Lisa believes you must posses before you can achieve anything in your life or your career.

If you don’t have confidence in yourself and what you have to offer, that is going to show up in your content, your marketing materials, and your vibration. People need you to believe in yourself before they buy into you. Lack of confidence affects your bottom line, period.

While it may seem like she has all of the answers, Lisa’s goal is not to coach you on how to lean on her, but rather on how to stand on your own two feet.

I give people permission NOT to need anyone’s permission. Often we look outside ourselves for validation that what we want to do is ‘good’ or ‘right.’ Ultimately the only validation that matters is self-validation. Give yourself permission every single day to show up fully for your own dreams.

For more on Lisa and her coaching services, check out her website, follow along on Facebook and Instagram, or reach out via email to connect or collaborate.

Lisa in Ten

  • Hometown: Toronto
  • 17,000: Instagram followers
  • Alma Mater: Ryerson University
  • Look Familiar?: Lisa has also appeared in YFS Magazine, Having Time, Tiny Buddha, and Thrive Global.
  • Personality Type: Extreme introvert (Say whaaat?!)
  • Biggest fear: Regret. “Anytime I feel like it’s ‘too much,’ I visualize myself as a 90-year-old woman on my porch, thinking back on my life. That always kicks my butt into gear!”
  • Why Entrepreneurship?: “I realized at about the age of 33 that I was unemployable and couldn’t work for anyone but myself, haha.”
  • Creativity Block Buster: “Do something to shift the energy. Go for a walk, meditate, detach completely, do something fun. I’ve learned over the years that trying to plough through never works and usually escalates the feeling of being blocked.”
  • Best Part of Being Your Own Boss: “Your business, your rules.”
  • Advice for Side Hustlers: “Go ALL in. Whether you want to keep it as a side hustle or transition to a full-time hustle, it doesn’t matter. Half-ass effort will give you half-ass results. Believe in yourself, invest in yourself, and adopt the mindset that the only way to fail is to give up completely. People need you to go ALL IN—YOU need YOU to go ALL IN!
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