Lacey: Founder and Editor of Online Media Source

Name: Lacey Johnson

City: Nashville, Tennessee

Main Hustle: Magazine editor and journalist

Side Hustle: Founder & Editor of my own online media source, The Wonder Report.

How did you get started?: My life is a pile of research and word babies. I am constantly seeking out interesting stories, curating content, assigning topics, and weaving narratives together. Writing is my life. Being a word doctor is my life.

One day I thought, “I’m working my ass off to build all of these other empires; why am I not building my own?”

When/where do you work on your Side Hustle?: I work in between bites of avocado toast in the morning. I pour out ideas into my phone when I’m at the doctor’s office or at night when insomnia finds me. I roll out story prompts to writers, respond to publicists, and doctor my own pieces while sprawled across the couch on Sundays as my husband naps or watches football. It’s lovely. It’s like a romantic love affair, where I find brief moments for a quick, slobbery kiss.

What are the challenges of your Side Hustle?: Time, of course. But I make it!

What are the rewards of your Side Hustle?: Joy. Beauty. Creativity. Oh, and giving other writers opportunities to amplify their voices!

Who is your greatest supporter?: Google – ha!

Who/what is your greatest source of inspiration?: Humans.

I’m fascinated by other humans. It’s why I write. I’m in love with people.

Have you received recognition for your work?: I’m quite accomplished in my career in general. I’ve been published by brands like Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Woman’s Day, and POPSUGAR. I’ve won some contests. The Wonder Report is pretty new (less than six months old!), so I suppose we are too much of a kicking infant to have received much recognition. But, as I sink my teeth deeper into the brand development and content this fall, I expect that we will at least bring a lot of happiness to a growing legion of readers!

What is your dream for your Side Hustle?: I’d love to monetize it and make it lucrative, but really I’m in it for the joy and enchantment.

Do you have any advice for others working on a Side Hustle?: Do you, boo!

To learn more about Lacey and The Wonder Report, check out the site, follow along on Facebook,Β Instagram, and Twitter, or reach out via email to connect or collaborate.

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