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After recently featuring Bianca Foti’s side hustle, it only made sense to reach out again to get the details on her main hustle running her own communications agency, Next Edition.

Bianca’s writing abilities were recognized early on by her teachers, and she added valuable critical thinking and reading comprehension skills to her repertoire while getting a degree in political science. After graduation she jumped feet first into the financial industry, focusing on marketing roles that allowed her to continue writing while working in the corporate world.

In an effort to make extra money, she started offering resume writing, editing, and proofreading services on the side. As business grew, a friend suggested she start a company to capitalize on her writing skills.

“Within the financial services industry, I craved more creative work, collaborative interaction, and freedom from the 9 to 5 lifestyle. What started as freelance work transformed into a completely new career path. As I began marketing myself more via Instagram, my business organically grew which pushed me to take the leap and leave my full-time job.”

Bianca felt the evolution of her business was spiritual in a way.

“I was looking at my life as a whole and asking, ‘Does this make me happy? Am I making the most use of my time?’ The answer to both was no. I was learning, but I was not making the best use of my time.”

Most business owners stress financial preparation before making the leap from side hustle to main hustle, and even Bianca surprised herself by not taking this approach.

“Up until that point, I had a very calculated resume, going from job to job following the advised one year for resume impact before moving on. Leaving the corporate world with no safety net was so unlike me. I took a chance out of fear that if I didn’t do this now, I never would. I was lying awake at night, unable to sleep, because I was so afraid I wouldn’t do it.

There are so many obstacles you can place in front yourself, but if you’re disciplined enough to put in the work, it always works out. It just does.”

Bianca chose to focus on communications because she felt there were unlimited avenues in which she could take her services and use her business to help others.

“Next Edition is a communications agency that seeks to help businesses and entrepreneurs authentically express who they are and what they stand for, providing copywriting and editing services across various industries.”

Working closely with clients, Bianca fosters relationships that more resemble friendships than business partnerships.

“I rely on real conversations held during email and phone consultations, as well as honest responses provided within an in-depth client discovery questionnaire that I ask all of my clients to complete. These are my tools in creating the content I need to preserve the voice of my clients’ businesses and capture authentic expressions.”

While graphic design and other aesthetically pleasing skills may seem to be dominating the communications industry, Bianca believes the words you choose are just as important as the way they are presented.

“In an age of social media, where we’re flooded with constant information, strong, concise language has become a priority in order to stand out. Branded content is the only solution to stay competent in this marketplace. Unless you don’t need social media, you have to be accessible, and it’s also important to remember that we’re accountable for everything we share. All content is a PR game: ‘Who am I? What do I support? How will this affect my audience?”

Being able to have a direct impact on the success of her clients’ businesses is the driving force behind Bianca’s mission at Next Edition.

“I like being needed. I like that businesses can come to me and know that I will take care of them and trust that I will improve their business in some way. When a client is able to launch a business or website because I created the content, I take pride in knowing that I played a part in helping them pursue their passion.”

This personal connection to her clients would not be possible without the value she places on being true to herself.

“Next Edition is me; it’s authentic, it’s an honest reflection of who I am, which is always the route to take. Never be afraid to put yourself out there. Once you do it’s so much easier to express your own opinion or provide your own feedback. There is no one else like you, so being authentic is key in running your own business. It can be hard at times, but it’s worth it.”

Bianca in Ten:

  1. Alumna Status: University of Western Ontario
  2. Side Hustle: Copyeditor at Thoughtfully  Magazine
  3. Dream City: New York
  4. Podcasts: Oprah’s Super Soul
  5. Favorite Place to Work: Starbucks. “There are so many self-employed people working in this open space, and I love to pick their brain.”
  6. Business Development Trick: She personally emails or Instagram messages 5 new contacts a day, creating 25 new touches a week to help build her clientele.
  7. Exercise: Kickboxing and yoga
  8. Self Care: Meditation once a day (she recommends the Insight Timer app)
  9. Favorite Snack While Writing: SmartPop
  10. If not communications, then what?: Stationary Designer

To learn more about Next Edition, check out the website, follow along on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, or reach out to Bianca directly via email to connect or collaborate.

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