Amy: Cofounder of Allergy-Free Food Company, Cofounder of Wellness Brand, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Name: Amy Jones

Age: 35

City: New Orleans, LA

Main Hustle: Digital Marketing Consultant at an HR consulting firm.

Side Hustle: Co-founder at Glow Flow Chefs, a wellness brand that sells adaptogenic instant latte blends (Energizing Matcha Latte, Healing Turmeric Latte, Bliss Cacao Latte). 

Co-founder at KUBEBA, an allergy-friendly food company that is about to launch an allergy-friendly protein bar. 

A Kundalini Yoga and meditation teacher in New Orleans, LA. 

How did you get started?: I studied Ayurveda, a health and healing system that treats the mind, body, senses, and spirit. Ayurveda is about finding balance. It teaches that we are each unique beings with different physical, emotional, and mental characteristics.

Through studying Ayurveda I learned about the power of herbs and plants to balance and heal our bodies naturally. I started incorporating herbs and plants into my daily rituals: tea drinking, the food I ate, and what I put on my body. It’s many of these herbs that we now include in our Glow Flow Chefs Instant Latte Blends.

Through studying and practicing Ayurveda and yoga, I started on a wellness journey. Creating Glow Flow Chefs with my twin sister, Emily, came naturally when we saw a void in the market. We were making adaptogenic drinks in our kitchens, and the process was time-consuming, adding different superfoods and adaptogens. We wanted an easy and quick way to make delicious morning lattes. Adaptogens existed, but blends of adaptogens mixed with superfoods and spices and ingredients to make them taste delicious didn’t. This is what we wanted to create with our blends.

When our business partner, Leighton, approached us seeking a nut-free protein bar, my sister, Emily, and I used our culinary and plant knowledge to create recipes for the bars (mostly Emily; I was just the taste tester). I’m using my marketing experience and experience from Glow Flow Chefs to bring that knowledge to KUBEBA.  

When/where do you work on your Side Hustle?: I work from home or a coffee shop most days. On Thursdays I go into an office to do my digital marketing job.  

I schedule my time: a few days are for Glow Flow, some for KUBEBA, and some for my digital marketing job. I have to schedule days for set companies to be most productive. 

What are the challenges of your Side Hustle?: Finding the time to do all that needs to be done for a startup.

Scheduling my time and not letting incoming emails or social media distract me from staying on tract with what I am working on. Running three different jobs is tough because there are constant emails and alerts coming through to take away my attention. Staying on track, prioritizing, and staying organized with my schedule are all imperative.

What are the rewards of your Side Hustle?: I feel passionate about the work I am doing. I feel that I am bettering other people’s lives by giving them products that heal their bodies inside and out. 

Who is your greatest supporter?: My twin sister, Emily. She encourages me to be my true self. And my husband, Patrick. He’s supported me following my dreams since I’ve known him and has full faith in me that I’ll make all my dreams come true. 

Who/what is your greatest source of inspiration?: My twin sister, Emily. She is the most generous, giving person. She lives to serve others and help people live their best lives.  

Have you received recognition for your work?: Ayurvedic Certified Health Coach, Certified Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, Certified Life Coach.

What is your dream for your Side Hustle?: For Glow Flow Chefs: to offer people a way to elevate their days with superfoods and adaptogens. Our Instant Latte Blends provide people a way to elevate their daily ritual. Most people drink something in the morning (coffee, tea, a smoothie). Our blends offer people a way to upgrade their drink.  We hope to expand awareness of our blends and to spread the word about the power of plants and herbs to heal and balance our bodies. Our dream for Glow Flow Chefs is to continue to create adaptogenic food products to make elevating your foods and beverages easy. 

For KUBEBA: to create access to delicious and nutritious, allergy-friendly foods across the world. We want to be recognized as the #1 source of better-for-you, allergy-friendly foods.

Do you have any advice for others working on a Side Hustle?: 

Ask yourself: Who would I have to be in order to get what I want? 
Answer that question. Start being that person today. Act like you already have what you want. Feel like you already have it. Do things like you already have it. 

If you’d like to learn more about Amy and her side hustles, check out her wellness brand’s site and her allergy-friendly food company’s site or reach out via email.

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